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Layout and First Issue of Accenture Times

Accenture Times newspaper was created as a source of information for employees of a Latvian branch of the company. The main goals of the media include coverage of the latest corporate events, interviews with the workers, as well as general IT news and reviews.

The format of the newspaper is electronic. One issue is placed entirely on a single page.

Entire Issue

The table of contents and the cover story of the issue is located on top, other articles are below

To make navigation though the issue easier, a number of special methods have been introduced. By clicking on the header of the page (it is visible in every part of it) user gets back to the table of contents. Every article has its own identifier, which allows sharing of direct links. Similar photos are displayed in groups.

Expanded Article

Expanded article

Text content of articles can be mixed with illustrations, charts, videos and more.

Articles with Video

Issue of the newspaper was not approved by the management :-(