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Concept Map Scoring Methods

My master’s thesis in Riga Technical University was devoted to studying of different scoring methods of concept maps (they are also known as semantic networks).

Wikipedia describes what they are. It is also known that concept maps are used in education to assess students’ knowledge. However, I was more interested to find out how these maps can be analyzed, scored and compared with each other. This, for example, can be useful to put an objective mark to a student.

Thesis abstract (beware of scientific style):

“The master’s thesis is devoted to the study and classification of existing concept map scoring methods, which can help a teacher to assess students’ knowledge, and the review of computer-based concept mapping scoring tools. Methods that can be automated are identified in the thesis and problems associated with this process are revealed. The thesis is supported by the author’s developed tool, which allows scoring of concept maps using a number of the studied methods.”

Entire thesis in Latvian
891 KB, PDF

In the result of the study the application has been developed, which allows scoring and comparison of concept maps using different common and not so common methods. Especially for this website I have translated the app to English and ensured that adding new translations is easy (you need to change translation.properties file in properties folder).

Concept Map Scoring Tool

GUI is neat and easy to use, which is quite unusual for a scientific app

27 KB, ZIP
33 KB, ZIP

Concept maps in XML format are used for the input. Examples of supported files are provided in the application archive, in samples folder.

License. Both the thesis and the software can be treated as it is commonly acceptable by the scientific community. This means that you can quote the thesis and use or modify the application, as long as it is for non-commercial purposes. Just don’t forget to mention me as an author of the initial version.