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Nordea Pensions Symbol

The Nordea Pensions symbol was created for a contest, organized by Nordea bank for Positivus music festival. It didn’t win the competition (see the winning artwork). This however did not make the symbol any worse.

By the terms of the contest, the symbol should have included the original logo of the bank, as well as a slogan in Latvian “Nordea pensijas. Domā pozitīvi” (“Nordea Pensions. Think Positive”).

Nordea Pensions

Nordea Pensions. Think Positive

The main features of the symbol (from the description, sent to the organizers):

  • positive look, provided by a smiley and warm colors;
  • the shape of the smiley resembles the sun, while Nordea logo beneath it — the sea, both these elements harmonize with Salacgriva’s landscape during the festival;
  • the slogan “Nordea pensijas. Domā pozitīvi” is put inside a speech balloon, which itself indicates a thinking process;
  • the symbol has a trend upward and to the right — it reproduces continuous increase of pension funds over time.